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Doc Sweeney 6x14 Focus Series Snare Drum

Doc Sweeney 6x14 Focus Series Snare Drum

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The Focus Series (FS) design is based, in part, on Slingerland’s Tone Flange snare of the 1930s.  Whereas the Tone Flange uses a detachable metal flange to reduce the internal diameter of the shell (a holdover for their days as a banjo maker), we have created a one-piece Maple shell that reduces the internal diameter just below the batter head to 11”. In doing so we direct energy to the center of the snare side head, creating a sensitive and highly articulate snare. The extra mass on the batter side gives the snare plenty of crack.


The FS 14 x 6 stave Maple shell starts out 1.5” thick, which is then milled using proprietary CNC technology to create the shell.  Shell wall thickness of 0.375” — with 45 degree bearing edges on batter and snare sides.

Focus Series snares are at home in a wide variety of settings, but shine particularly well in more nuanced ones where the drum’s enhanced sensitivity helps focus every subtle articulation you bring to the table.

FS is outfitted with Evans Strata1000 batter head, 300 snare side, and 20 strand wires and 3mm triple flange hoops.


  • This drum may show fingerprints and stick marks from being played in-store
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