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Kerf Drum Co. 6.5x14 Natural Cherry Snare Drum

Kerf Drum Co. 6.5x14 Natural Cherry Snare Drum

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  • Clear coat finish
  • Chrome trick throw
  • 3.0mm triple flange hoops
  • 20 strand snare wires
  • Handmade brass grommet
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Modern Machinery, Modern Times

The methods of bending wood into drum shells is an ancient and sacred woodworking practice that has been untouched for over a century. Only in the recent past has a new machining technology become available which as unlocked a new method of creating a solid wood drum shell.

The Kerf Shell is made using ultra modern precision CNC machining. With a Goldilocks combination of geometry, the worlds thinnest carbide tipped saw blade, and some woodshop finesse, the kerf shell comes alive out of one solid piece of wood.

The drum shell is held in its cylindrical form by one structural tongue-and-groove glue joint found on the butt plate on every shell.

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